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We do this as a part-time hobbie, but we can meet with you and talk about your project!


We made many types of websites and web applications. Our work began with websites for companies, after that we made some websites for specific use cases.

Mobile and desktop applications

Our experience with mobile and desktop applications is not so extensive as for example with websites, but we have been made some work related with this topic.


We made some work related with this topic, but for more details please contact us.

Network design and plan

In our course we have 2 years of network topics, like Fundamentals Of Networks, Network Architecture, Advanced Network Architecture and Network Performance And Dimension.

Marketing plan

We made some work related with social networks marketing specific for some business.

Cloud computing

We have experience with cloud computing such as Hosting, Cloud hosting, SDN, redundancy, virtualization methods, and others.

Our Team

Computer and Telematics students, see more here.

Rafael Ferreira


Daniela Simões


Rafael is currently student of 5th year and researcher at the Institute of Telecommunications at ATNoG in a project associated with Altran with mobile networks and SDN. Daniela is currently student of the 3nd year of the same course, Computer and Telematics Engineering.